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Digital Forest est une solution d’hébergement web alternative, française, et éco-responsable: Serveurs mutualisés, Serveurs dédiés, Solution emails, Nom de domaine, Visio Conférence, Backups et création de site internet en ligne.

L’ Alternative Cloud de Digital forest s’articule autour de 3 piliers :

La Sécurité, c’est le respect de la vie privée, de la confidentialité des données et de l’intégrité des individus. C’est la sécurisation des données personnelles pour garantir les valeurs d’un web sociétal centré sur l’humain.

Le local, c’est l’indépendance et la neutralité, qui s’oppose aux géants américains. C’est la garantie de la souveraineté d’un service en lien avec des valeurs et les réglementations qui protègent les citoyens européens, et plus particulièrement, français..

Éco-responsable, c’est notre devoir à tous, dès maintenant, dès hier et pour les générations futures. Faire ce qui est en notre pouvoir pour créer un digital alternatif plus responsable et plus durable. Avec nos partenaires et nos clients, nous œuvrons au quotidien pour mettre en place des solutions qui permettent de réduire l’empreinte environnementale du digital. 

Se sensibiliser aujourd’hui pour créer le digital Européen de demain. Le digital est une opportunité pour progresser, mais l’écologie est une nécessité pour mieux progresser

Link Digital Forest:

GreenWeb has developed a unique tool that analyzes the environmental impact of your website based on its traffic and the hosting of its data. You can thus briefly audit your site in one click, and take the measure of its environmental impact. This index, applied to the actual use of your ecosystem according to the pages viewed, the connection time, and the audience of your site, (the impact of your site over 1 year) defines the starting point of the digital ecoptimization * approach of the GreenWeb methodology allowing obtaining the Official GreenWeb Label. Do you want to test your site? or go further in your approach? Know the real impact of your digital ecosystem (web, material, use)? “Contact us”

The GREEN WEB Index:

Containment has structurally changed the way we work, communicate, share … Video has emerged as a remedy for the distance imposed between employees, between companies and customers. But the use of Visio, like a Zoom is not without consequence: The data is mainly hosted in the USA, with a right of inspection by the American administration.

Sensitive personal data is communicated and used by third parties (recording video, shared content, etc.). But above all, the environmental impact is appalling because of the American data centers supplied via coal plants. Every day, Tons of C02 are released into the atmosphere to run the video systems.
Because there are always alternatives, we have designed GREENVISIO, an ETHICAL videoconferencing system, without data exploitation, with encryption and no right of scrutiny by anyone, LOCAL, because offered by GreenWeb, French startUp based in Annecy, and ECOLOGICAL , using servers powered by 100% renewable energy (hydroelectric) based in Geneva.

GreenVisio will be officially launched at the end of August with a Desktop and mobile application. It is available in Web Beta version here:

Through the Business Electronique Card project, we have responded to a crucial issue: How to maximize commercial and professional contact while limiting the environmental impact of the traditional exchange of paper business cards?

BeCard wants to modernize our traditional approach to the exchange of business cards. An ambitious societal promise.

On the one hand, BeCard, thanks to its simplified UX (user experience), makes contact smoother by allowing the instant exchange of electronic business cards in a swipe … your contacts thus directly integrating your BeCard network. But it also makes it possible to concretely initiate the relationship thanks to automatic contact by message. Concentrate on the essentials, on the verbal, human exchange: BeCard takes care of the rest …

On the other hand, BeCard, thanks to the integration of GreenCoding techniques which drastically limit its energy consumption and the use of GreenWeb servers, supplied with renewable energy, it is part of a strong ecological approach for an impact. bordering on carbon neutrality.

Link to the landing page:

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