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We carry out AUDITS of the environmental and social impact of your digital eco-systems: from your website to your complete IT infrastructure, by integrating the consequences of the uses and technologies used.


Eco-Friendly hosting via servers powered by renewable energies. We have developed a range of “green” accommodation, powered by renewable energy, which guarantees a sustainable resource with a very low environmental footprint.


Conferences and training to raise awareness of the impact of digital on people and the planet, as well as issues related to the evolution of the web but especially our behavior.


Eco-design of digital ecosystems: Website, mobile application, landing page. We have developed techniques and tools allowing us to offer you concrete solutions which considerably reduce the ecological impact resulting from the use of your digital media.


Development of a sustainable, ethical, fair and ecological digital strategy for responsible managers


Accompagnemt to the application of the GreenWeb charter in your CSR program to reduce your environmental footprint


Audit of the societal and environmental impact of the client’s current digital ecosystem. Calculates the impact in CO2 equivalent, Watt, and Liters of water.

Sensitization of employees and stakeholders to the various challenges through a conference or workshops.

Development of a responsible digital strategy, integrating ethics, equity and ecology, in collaboration with the company’s CSR, marketing and communication department.

Design of a new eco-responsible digital ecosystem, integrating actions to optimize * the additional digital media.

Training of actors and collaborators in good practices, through the GreenWeb charter, to modify behavior.

Launch of the new responsible digital strategy

New Audit of the social and environmental impact of the new digital ecosystem. New calculates environmental impact and compares with the previous one.

We award an official GreenWeb certification which mentions the result achieved.

On average, our customers reduce their impact from 30% to 300%.