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Label GreenWeb

What is the GreenWeb eco-label?

The GreenWeb eco-label offers you a demonstrated and demonstrable certification of a brand’s eco-responsible commitment on the digital level, from its eco-design to its green hosting.

If you score over 80/100 on the GreenWeb Index, you are eligible for the GreenWeb label.
If you get a score lower than 80/100 on the GreenWeb index, we invite you to optimize to undertake Ecoptimizations * to reduce the environmental impact of your website.

How to obtain the GreenWeb eco-label

Obtaining condition

  • That the 5 most visited pages of your site obtain an eco-score above 80 on the GreenWeb index.
  • That this eco-score remain below 80 every month on the GreenWeb index in order to be able to be renewed monthly.
  • Whether your site is Green Hosted: that is, supplied with renewable energy with low carbon emissions (not all renewable energies are created equal)

To apply for labeling for your website, you must contact us by email with:

  • The 5 URLs of the most visited pages
  • A screenshot of your analytics proving that these are indeed the 5 most visited pages
  • Contact details of the person in charge of CSR correspondence
    • Last name, First Name
    • Company Name
    • Address
    • Siret
    • URL of the labeled site
  • You will get an answer within 72 hours
  • Price 49 € / month

What will you get:

  • A certificate of obtaining the GreenWeb eco-label demonstrating your eco-responsible commitment through the eco-design and green hosting of your website. This certificate will be renewed every month after verification.
  • A GreenWeb Label Badge to display on your website (or you wish) with a link to your registration in the official register.

The GreenWeb eco-label focuses solely on the environmental impact on your digital ecosystem.
If you want to complete your labeling towards a label focused on data and their uses, you can get closer to our partners:

    Eco-label form

    A screenshot of your analytics proving that these are indeed the 5 most visited pages