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How is the index calculated?

We have produced the GreenWeb Index to educate everyone about the environmental impact of websites, and their use. This clue allows you to have a relatively precise overview.

In the public version, the GreenWeb index is calculated from 5 main criteria:

  • Data transferred when loading a page
  • The energy used by data centers, telecom networks and terminals
  • The type of energy production used
  • The carbon intensity of the energies used
  • Website audience

These criteria are weighted by:

  • Energy intensity of web data: 1.8kWh / GB
  • The carbon intensity of the different energy sources:
    • 475 grams CO2e per kWh
    • 33.4 grams CO2e per kWh for renewable energies.
  • Site audience per month based on the average number of pages viewed

The result is proposed in the form of an ecoscore from 0 to 100. 100 is the maximum score.

Among other things, the more a site limits its server requests, the weight of the data transferred, and uses renewable energy sources, the more it obtains a higher eco-score.

A site home page scoring more than 80/100 has criteria for an eco-responsible site, having a limited impact on the environment, and can therefore claim the GreenWeb label.

Obviously, this hint only allows you to get a preview from a single page. The GreenWeb Label, on the other hand, uses an Index that takes into account the average complete navigation of end-users. It is renewed every month after a re-verification by our teams.

Ps: At GreenWeb, We consider that no carbon emissions can be offset right now. On the other hand, we encourage our clients to make climate contributions, that is to say to initiate actions in favor of the climate through projects by actors internal or external to GreenWeb. Thus, Planting trees to reforest is not carbon offsetting. On the other hand, these actions contribute to the climate, to the storage of CO2 (in the case of a forest) and to reduce air pollution. In these times of massive forest fires, it would be nonsense not to plant trees, especially for generations to come.

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