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The GreenWeb Project

Internet pollutes and has become a major ecological issue.

Devices, the cloud, data, etc. account for almost 20% of global electricity consumption , and it’s not about to stop … 35 minutes of Facebook use per day equals 8km of car and consumption in half-shower water… (23l) (Source: GreenWeb index). were a country, it would be the 3rd after China and the USA in terms of CO2 equivalent emissions … (The shift project)


From a societal point of view, the impact is all the more imminent and eminent. The web today, with a lot of algorithms to “personalize” our content, inexorably tends to influence, manipulate, and comfort users in a logic of addiction, self-closure, stress and self -depression. (Article using facebook for 30 seconds).

While the web, in its initial promise, was supposed to connect us to each other, it now tends to separate us, to cut us off from reality.

We, Europeans, aspiring to the philosophy of lights, the one that lights to move forward, would we ultimately be reduced to that of blue lights? the one that dazzles us, and closes us in on ourselves.

The balance is no longer to be overlooked; especially on populations who do not have the psychic tools to take a step back from their exposure to a plethora of personalized information.

GreenWeb wants to act and become a pioneering player to contribute to the co-creation of the responsible web of tomorrow.

A local and ethical web that respects people and their integrity. A web without abusive centralization (model proposed by the gafas), decentralized, which connects individuals without dividing them, without exploiting them through an addictive algorithmic logic. A transparent Web for respecting user data, and preventing certain actors from using it to influence our thoughts, our actions, our relationships. A web hosted in Europe and in France, whose users are sovereign, in compliance with European cultural rules and values

A social and fair web that connects individuals to each other from a physical and societal point of view, and whose acquisition techniques are no longer based solely on online advertising, synonymous with unfairness, infobesity … but rather by communicating with its community around sharing knowledge, relevant and educational information, common passions. A creation of collective wealth. A web that connects and invites sharing to create a positive society.

A greener web, the use of which drastically reduces the environmental impact through the use of tools and technologies that are more virtuous and respectful of our planet.

A responsible web that initiates the awareness of its users, to contribute to a modification of usage behaviors, at the base of a real, tangible societal (psychosocial and phylosophical) and environmental footprint.

Digital is an opportunity, ecology, ethics and equity, a necessity … a pioneering and committed positioning that we advocate with fervor.

Green Web supports you in the implementation of responsible digital solutions and strategies.

GreenWeb supports you, companies, brands and communities, in your social, societal and environmental transition, thanks to the implementation of a responsible digital strategy and solutions: Local and ethical, social and fair, virtuous and ecological, which maximizes your economic performance and your societal contribution, while concretely minimizing your environmental impact. Actions that enable businesses and communities to initiate a responsible and sustainable digital approach in very concrete terms.

Our mission is thus to co-build, with our customers, or with the actors of the targeted theme, the web of tomorrow: a responsible digital, respectful of man and the planet, but above all the most virtuous web possible for these actors and users. Responsible digital is a responsible approach that optimizes performance to make your digital strategy more efficient.


More efficient?

Reduce your operating costs by adopting eco-behaviors and implementing eco-optimizations * throughout the digital chain (uses, sofwares and hardwares)

Reduce your ecological impact in the foreground according to your CSR commitment by drastically reducing your carbon footprint and water consumption equivalent balance, thanks to a responsible strategy, eco-design and green hosting.

Maximize your ethical positioning through responsible management of your data and highlighting your value proposition

Optimize your sustainability by creating a fair acquisition strategy with your leads, your customers, your users, by enrolling them in a long-term relationship.

We are acting in this direction, and the results are immediate: The societal expectation is deep.

We educate, through conferences, workshops and interventions, web users, citizens, students, collaborators, to social, societal and ecological issues, then we train them in good practices, through the GreenWeb charter, to encourage a change of behaviour. Because these behavioral changes are the pillars of a responsible and sustainable approach.

We analyze, through our tools such as the GreenWeb index, the environmental impact of digital ecosystems (website, mobile application, mailboxes: the entire digital ecosystem that you use). We offer the study of the complete footprint of your digital ecosystem and IT infrastructure for a given period of time.

We imagine and design solutions to improve the societal and environmental footprint of communities and businesses, through the provision of “GreenWeb” tool, eco-design and green hosting, but also the development of ” a responsible digital strategy, the implementation of the GreenWeb charter with stakeholders and employees.

To go further, through our partners, we offer our customers to become pro-players in a world that is changing through hive sponsorship, tree planting, eco-mobility at work, construction of Green Data Center … At GreenWeb, we encourage all proactive behaviors that can bring “more” to society.

The Optimization Methodology GreenWeb

The objective of our unique method: Reduce the environmental impact of our customers while maximizing its development performance, thanks to its implementation of a responsible digital strategy, which produces concrete, tangible, quantifiable results.

We offer 3 levels of depth of action:

– Optimization of the customer-business digital ecosystem (uses around the company’s websites),

– Optimization of the customer-employee-company digital ecosystem (Uses around company websites but also uses internal to the company),

– Optimization of the digital and digital ecosystem of the company (all digital elements, integrating the use of devices, in addition to the entire digital ecosystem).

Our methodology takes place in 8 stages:

  1. Audit of the societal and environmental impact of the client’s current digital ecosystem. Calculates the impact in CO2 equivalent, Watt and Liters of water.
  2. Sensitization of employees and stakeholders to the various challenges through a conference or workshops.
  3. Development of a responsible digital strategy, integrating ethics, equity and ecology, in collaboration with the company’s CSR, marketing and communication department.
  4. Design of a new eco-responsible digital ecosystem, integrating actions to optimize * the additional digital media.
  5. Training of actors and collaborators in good practices, through the GreenWeb charter, to modify behavior.
  6. Launch of the new responsible digital strategy.
  7. New Audit of the social and environmental impact of the new digital ecosystem. New calculates environmental impact and compares with the previous one.
  8. We award a GreenWeb certification which mentions the result achieved (on ecological aspects).


The GreenWeb Certification

We have developed 3 levels of GreenWeb certification according to the degree of optimizations * of your digital ecosystem.

Level 1: Integration of Green Hosting

Level 2: Eco-responsible digital eco-system

Level 3: Application of an exhaustive responsible digital strategy

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