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Alternative analytics Setup
(Matomo, Plausible)

Why switch to an alternative?

We propose Matomo and Plausible to replace Google Analytics: two web analytics solutions that have many advantages:



Data ownership

Matomo stores data on your own server or private cloud, which means you have full and exclusive control over the collected tracking data.


User privacy

It complies with GDPR and other privacy regulations without requiring explicit consent when configured correctly, as it can be anonymized and privacy-friendly by default.



Matomo allows advanced customization both in the user interface and the type of data collected.



It offers tracking features similar to Google Analytics, including ecommerce tracking, goals, events, conversions, and more, as well as unique features like cookie-free tracking.


Integration of other services

Matomo also integrates other services such as CRMs, and offers features such as tracking the effectiveness of email campaigns.


Open Source community

Being open source, Matomo benefits from a community of active developers who contribute to its development and security.



Simplicity and lightness

Plausible is designed to be simple and lightweight. It offers a clean, easy-to-understand user interface, and its tracking script is significantly smaller than Google Analytics, reducing the impact on page load times.



Plausible does not collect visitors' personal data and agrees not to track users intrusively, making it GDPR compliant by default.


No cookies

Plausible works without cookies, which means there is no need to display cookie consent banners for EU users.


Transparency and anonymous data

The data is processed transparently and anonymously, and Plausible undertakes not to sell visitor data.


Ease of installation and maintenance

Plausible is often praised for its ease of installation and low maintenance.


Open Source

Like Matomo, Plausible is also an open source project, which means that a developer community can review, edit, and improve code.

The choice between Matomo, Plausible and Google Analytics will ultimately depend on the specific objectives, privacy needs, size and type of website, as well as the resources available to manage the analytics tool. If user privacy is a top priority, or you want complete control over your analytics data, Matomo or Plausible might be a better choice…

How does the implementation work?

Two alternatives are available to you: either we provide you with a pre-configured instance that you only have to install on your website; or we install it for you from A to Z according to your data analysis needs.