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Monitoring and sustainable IT Piloting tool

What is Green It Impact?

Green It Impact is a «SAAS» solution that allows companies to effectively reduce their environmental impact related to digital in a fun way.

Green It Impact consists of 4 levers


The dynamic measurement of digital in Life Cycle Analysis. That is to say on 16 environmental impact criteria.


Monitoring that makes the invisible visible. And especially to make it intelligible.


The creation of a concrete, progressive strategy and action plan, with objectives that can be achieved by all.


Operational implementation by all employees through a unique and effective gamification.

The key points

  • Real time impact measurement
  • 16 environmental impact criteria
  • Initial assessment in 10 minutes
  • Precise and comparative analysis of indices
  • Elaboration of a concrete, temporal and progressive action plan
  • Gamification, which makes it possible to integrate all employees into the project