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We design sustainable digital strategies, solutions and ecosystems: ethic, local and eco-friendly, to produce a more positive impact on the society and the environment

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We want to co-design the tomorrow’s web with our client, conceiving sustainable digital strategies and solutions: Ethic in its values, Fair in its social interactions, Eco-friendly in it’s DNA. A definitely humain’s oriented web.
Simon Cardon, Founder of GreenWeb

Meet the GreenWeb team
The GreenWeb Philosophy
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The Internet is polluting … and will soon become a major ecological issue … Devices, the cloud, data, etc. account for almost 20% of global electricity consumption, and it's not about to stop…

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The GreenWeb Philosophy

Start your GreenWeb project!

Our vision

GreenWeb wants to act and become a pioneering player to contribute to the co-creation of responsible web of tomorrow…

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Our mission

We support brands and communities in their social, societal and ecological transition through responsible digital solutions and strategies: ethical, fair, eco-friendly and efficient.

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    902kg of CO2 equivalent

    What 30 trees can absorb in a year
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    902kg of CO2 equivalent

    Or the equivalent of 7216 km by car
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    5051,02 liter of water

    The equivalent of 112 showers
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    2004 KWh

    Or the electricity needed to drive an electric vehicle over 200 400 Kms


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    Or the equivalent of 2100Kms by car
The Official GreenWeb Index

GreenWeb has developed a unique tool that analyzes the environmental impact of your website, Audit your site in one click, and measure its environmental impact. This index, applied to the actual use of your ecosystem according to the pages viewed, the connection time, and the audience of your site, (the impact of your site over 1 year) defines the starting point of the Digital ecoptimization * approach of the GreenWeb methodology. Do you want to go further in your approach? Know the real impact of your site according to its traffic and its users? "Contact us"

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Our Works and Green Solutions
Je Clic Local

Brand owned by GreenWeb, JeClic'Local, is a social market place application that allows customers to connect to the local offers and businesses.

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Through the Electronic Business Card project, we sort out a main issue: How to improve the commercial "get in touch" while limiting your environnemental footprint from the traditionnal business papr card ?

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Containment has structurally changed the way we work, communicate, share … Video has emerged as a remedy for the distance imposed between employees, between companies and customers…

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Greenweb Index

GreenWeb has developed a unique tool that analyzes the environmental impact of your website based on its traffic and the hosting of its data. You can thus briefly audit your site in one click, and take the measure of its environmental impact…

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Our Works and Green Solutions
The team

The GreenWeb team is made up of a group of specialist experts.

Meet us
Simon Cardon

CEO/ Founder

Candice Valembois

Project Manager

Germain Cardon


Jonathan Guéry

Technical advisor

Chi Tran

Technical expert


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